No bag limit for trout at Marr Pond in Enterprise: Equipment malfunction will drain pond

Photos taken on Monday July 17 show the water level dropping at Marr Pond and the standpipe that is malfunctioning.
-Photos by ODFW-

Friday, July 21, 2017

ENTERPRISE, Ore.—Fish away at Marr Pond before an equipment malfunction drains the pond.
Fishery managers have lifted the bag limit due to a malfunction of the pond’s standpipe a few days ago. Size and harvest method restrictions are also lifted so anglers can take any size fish with a rod, a net or by hand. 
The standpipe maintains the water level and the pond may drain entirely due to the malfunction. Repair of the standpipe would also require it to be drained.
“We’d appreciate anglers salvaging any fish before the pond drains,” says Jeff Yanke, ODFW District Fish Biologist. “Marr Pond was just stocked last week with 500 rainbow trout so fishing should be good.”
Normally, the bag limit for trout at Marr Pond is five per day with an 8-inch minimum length and only one trout over 20 inches can be taken per day.
Fishery managers will be assessing how to fix the standpipe and restore the water level at Marr Pond.

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