Guide Boat Philosophy

You will find that most all guide boats in our area are licensed to carry a maximum of six passengers. The current trend is to fish up to six fishermen out of a 20-25 foot boat. As far as I’m concerned, this can be a bit too crowded for most, especially when the other anglers are not part of your group. Frank fishes five people in the boat, unless you want or have six anglers in your group.

Individual Rates

  • $200.00 a day per fisherman, 8 hours of fishing.

“Buy the Boat” Price

  • Call for Rates– yours exclusively for 8 hours (groups only)
  • $500 – winter/spring November 1st – March 1st sturgeon fishing in Portland-area


A deposit of 50% is required to hold a date. This is non-refundable two weeks before the trip. To be as fair as possible, I will allow you to use a lost deposit on a future date for up to three months. All deposits are refundable if we must cancel because of weather, river conditions or unforeseen problems on our part.

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“I will always do my best to provide honest fishing reports and if I believe the fishing is not worth your time and money I will tell you so, fishing is not always red hot. If you are still interested in trying you luck I will do my best to get you into the fish.”

Frank Russum, Owner/Guide

Frank’s Guide Service
77 NE Morgan
Portland, Oregon 97211

Cell: 503-804-1622

Scoastguardlicnesedturgeon Frank is US Coast Guard licensed to fish in the Pacific ocean, most guides are not. This is a big plus when fishing areas like the famous Tillamook Bay or Buoy 10 because at times the bite will be just outside the of bay in ocean waters.